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PSL Water Guy Aims To Service Local Residents Throughout the Treasure Coast

The United States of America probably has the safest water supplies in the world but many throughout South Florida are unhappy with the taste and contents of their home drinking water. While St Lucie county continues to work within all governmental regulations and pass all set water standards, the chlorine content of treated water is more than some like in their water supply. This is especially true for those suffering from medical conditions that lower their body’s resistance to chemicals.

When water softener systems are needing repair, Floridians who are used to drinking water from reverse osmosis or whole-home water softener system begin to look for assistance. Being used to one quality of water and switching to another is not something most want to do.

When it comes to well water systems, water must be treated prior to drinking as drinking untreated well water can result in illness. This treatment should be done by a professional with the right knowledge, tools, and experience to get the job done correctly. While bacteria and pathogens are invisible to the eye there are some notable symptoms of well water issues. Such symptoms include water having an eggy odor or leaving stains on toilets, sinks, or bathtubs. The PSL Water Guy is a local water service provider, that installs in-home reverse osmosis and whole-home systems, for those living with city or well water.


The Evolution Of Waterborne Diseases In the 21st Century

Thanks to the efforts of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Water Treatment Industry, effective steps toward water treatment, disinfection, and sanitization have been taken. This campaign has decreased the cases of gastrointestinal illness and death associated with drinking water pathogens like cholera and typhoid.

Port St Lucie’s water supply mainly comes from two independent sources; the shallow aquifer and the deeper Floridan aquifer. For those on city water, both sources have state-of-the-art water treatment systems installed where water is blended correctly, the PH level is adjusted, disinfected, and fluoride and other chemicals are added in the right quantity. Well-system users do not have this benefit and must have the water tested and treated before it enters the home.

What is The Best Option for Water Treatment Services?

Eastern Water and Health

The health and well-being of any community are closely tied to the health of its citizens, which is linked to its water supply. Looking at the current state of water treatment options found throughout the Treasure Coast, many in the community heavily rely on the city water supply and independent water treatment companies to provide clean drinking water. Independent companies such as the PSL Water Guy go the extra mile to remove any unwanted chemicals and TDS, Total Dissolved Solids, from city water prior to it entering a home.

Public health professionals and water softener companies such as The PSL Water Guy essentially work in tandem with one another, with the goal of better meeting the needs of the St Lucie County community. At PSL Water Guy, not only can city water be tested and treated, but systems are offered to address the many issues that those who have wells face. Clean water is necessary for a healthy life. Get the best water possible by calling the local water treatment technicians at the PSL Water Guy.

About PSL Water Guy

PSL Water Guy is a trusted water system and softener installation company serving Port St Lucie and surrounding areas. The company is working on its mission to provide access to cleaner and safer water to communities across South Florida. Their experts test water quality, analyze the problem and coordinate with home and business owners. Certified water technicians will visit the property to test the water quality and discuss the best solution to maintain high-level water quality. The PSL Water Guy aims to support residents of the Treasure Coast with comprehensive water testing and treatment in Port St Lucie and surrounding areas.