Vertiqlè Magazine Issue #12 Vol. 01 - July 2020
Vertiqlè Magazine Issue #12 Vol. 01 - July 2020

Vertiqlè Magazine Issue #12 Vol. 01 - July 2020

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The Anniversary Issue! 

An amazing and exclusive issue of 120+ pages featuring fourteen incredible B&W editorials from creative teams around the world, in a curated mix of fashion, street, conceptual and artistic nude.

Volume One consists of these thirteen incredible editorials from the following creative teams:

Paris, France
Photographer: Daniel Mouret
Model: Alexia Vic
Makeup Artist: Samantha Adamo
Hair Stylist: Pierre Chapelle

A Beautiful Deception
Drexel, United States
Photographer: Charles L Reeves
Model: Kat Malone

Black Widow
Cape Town, South Africa
Makeup Artist: Karen de Klerk
Photographer: Johnny Lai Sang
Model: Jade Strange

Toulouse, France
Photographer: Laurent Ringeval
Model: Stella Spei

Verona, Italia
Photographer: Andrea Crive Crivellari
Model: Silvia Zanetti

Львів, Україна
Photographer: Frolov Yevgen
Model: Kingsley Childi

Body Illustrated
Aptos, United States
Photographer: Lance Miller
Model: Virginia Lauren

Firenze, Italia
Photographer: The Horus
Model: Anouk

Starring Yourself
Хабаровск, Россия
Photographer: Vadim Sukharev
Model: Albina Chaikina

Bavarian Farm Life
Spanaway, United States
Photographer: Violet Rankin
Model: Jayde Rankin

Freedom of Dance
київ, Україна
Photographer: Serge Bazilic
Model: Bogdan Ruban

Las Vegas, United States
Photographer: Amber Rugenstein
Model: Talon

In the Smoke
Полевской, Россия
Photographer: Юлия Кулакова
Model: Ксения Баранова