Vertiqlè Magazine Issue #12 Vol. 03 - July 2020

Vertiqlè Magazine Issue #12 Vol. 03 - July 2020

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The Anniversary Issue! 

An amazing and exclusive issue of 120+ pages featuring fourteen incredible B&W editorials from creative teams around the world, in a curated mix of fashion, street, conceptual and artistic nude.

Volume Three consists of these thirteen incredible editorials from the following creative teams:

Black Flower
Paris, France
Photographer: Riccardo Riccio
Model: Feuza Diouf
Makeup Artist: Justine Sirabella
Designer: Danielle Siobhan Cole

Our Souls in B&W
Пенза, Россия
Photographer: Stas Knyazev
Model: Valerya Artuhina
Model: Larisa Artuhina

Nature's Nature
Salt Lake City, United States
Photographer: Mateusz Jagiello
Model: Kate Florman

Puzzle Game
Pistoia, Italia
Photographer: Simona Pistolozzi
Model: Miriam Bellucci

Body Artistic
Surat, India
Photographer: Chawan Rakhi

Sensuality of Moods
Gisborne, New Zealand
Photographer: Tink Lockett
Model: Ivana Cermakova

Portraits of Vanessa
Faenza, Italia
Photographer: Max Babini
Model: Vanessa Moschini

Reflections in the Dunes
Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Photographer: Khromtsova Liubov
Model: Maxim

Ghetto Stories
Béziers, France
Photographer: Skiss Photos
Model: Victoria Dierstein

Sexi Lexi
New York, United States
Photographer: Gaspar Marquez
Model: Lexi Carter

There's Always Something Missing
Калининград, Россия
Photographer: Алёна Храмова
Model: Татьяна Дьякова
Hair & Makeup Artist: Евгения Буркина

My Black is Beautiful
Houston, United States
Photographer: J Raphael Gilmore
Model: Mikayla Gongara
Makeup Artist: Divine Jessie
Stylist: Sherri Gongara

I Like
Seattle, United States
Creative Director: Tony Vincente
Photographer: John Joseph Martinotti
Model: Nicole Eisman
Hair & Makeup Artist: Juel Bergholm
Stylists: Michael Deocampo, Randy Hanna & Tanya Friberg
Designer: Julie Danforth