Let's Talk B&W

Hosted by Gem Cooper in London, the Let's Talk B&W podcasts discuss all things black and white with leading industry creatives, photographers, designers, models and stylists.
An intriguing and often amusing insight into the world of black and white photography.


Tom Marvel & Anthony Manfredonia

In this podcast, Gem goes to New York (virtually of course) to talk with fashion photographer Tom Marvel and designer Anthony Manfredonia about the use of black and white in fashion photography ... and a few other things as well.

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R. Daniel Walker & Madi Huffman

Gem speaks with fine art and nude photographer R. Daniel Walker and muse Madi Huffman about how they came to work together and the unique relationship they have as photographer and nude model..

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Stephen Pressler

In this podcast Gem heads west to Hollywood - the home of many incredible photographers including the late Herb Ritts - to talk with fashion and swimwear photographer Stephen Pressler about his take on black and white, working with international models and how the current state of the world is impacting creatives.

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