Byron Bay, Australie

Photographer: Donatella Parisini
Model & Designer: Miz Marto
Hair Stylist: Massimo Faccioli
Makeup Artist: Olivia Mashett


Editor & Cr Dir & Photo & Retoucher & Editor: @dotheinstathinghy
Stylist & Model & Fashion & Access: @spunkhyde
Body & MUA: @missy_bug
Assistant & Hair: @MAXXFACC
Stylist & Model & Fashion & Access: @spunkhyde
Stylist & Model & Fashion & Access: @spunkhyde

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  • Miz Marto

    Thank you so much for having our collaborative Lacuna Anoetic project published in issue 18! It is an absolute honour to showcase my designs, accessories, styling, writing and be a model in your amazing magazine. It truly is a showcase of such a talented myriad of designers and artists.

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