LET'S TALK: Andrija Kasom

His decades of working as a photographer went without intrusive promotion. His best promoters are photos themselves. Resembling the shadows that he so magically “plays” with, Andrija Kasom creates prodigious “optical illusions”.


Andrija, by profession a mechanical engineer and passionate photographer, is said to be a guy from Cetinje with special, witty charm. He is of opinion that love and photography are possible to happen all over and at all times. Photos with clear reflection of silence, when all things stand still, and whole space is under strong power of quietude , when water, craft, man, mountain and sky rest, are special inspiration to him.


 Andrija started with art photography in 2000. It all started two decades ago when his father gave him “Kiev” camera as a gift, which he keeps today as dearest memory. Passion he felt that day “pushed” him into art world. Starting as an amateur, making photos “for himself”, a “fateful” acquaintance will change course of interest in his life. Mirko Toljić, professor at Academy of fine arts in Trebinje /Bosnia and Herzegovina/, recognized an artist in him, and gave him advice and encouragement for future work. Artistic talent and constantly inquisitive and explorative spirit did the rest.


He had four individual and more than 100 collective exhibitions, and won many domestic and international prizes for photography.

Read the full interview in the January 2021 issue of Vertiqlè Magazine.

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